Rachel Ooi (6 years old) – Cadet
I enjoyed singing songs together with the elder sisters and do many craft works together with my officers and friends.

Teh Shr Li (8 years old) and Khy Li (7 years old) – Cadet
I learnt many Bible stories lessons and do many craft activities from the officers. Also I get to know many new friends from GB and able to do many things together.

Zoey Ong (11 years old) – Junior
The fellowship with everyone and get to know them better in my weekly practices together for drill and drill camp help me to understand the importance of team work.

Yu Li (13 years old) – Senior
I came to GB when I was 8 years old. I have learnt a lot of things during GB program and the Officers also teach me how to pray and getting to know about God. When I was 9 years old, our BB and GB celebrated 55th anniversary, it was an interesting ceremony to me. After the anniversary, our GB organized a lot of programs like drill, games and sometimes having parties. We also having Awards day, some of the girls received their awards from the bible lessons, achievement and drill competition. I truly enjoyed all of the bible stories, prayer support, games and activities. And now I am a senior girl, I learn to be more responsible and I am still learning how to serve Christ.

Lea Ratos (13 years old) – Senior
I don’t really remember before when I took Jesus as my savior because I was only 5 years old but somehow I can sort of feel the changes in my life like I pray more, I read the Bible more and I don’t sleep during Sunday School. But at one part of my life, I sort of stopped praying and reading the Bible and Yes I slept during Sunday School. This habit went on until I became a Senior in GB. When Ms. Phoebe started teaching us, that moment I can actually lose my touch with Jesus, I was frightened to death because I didn’t want to lose Jesus so I CHANGED a lot. I am really grateful that Ms. Phoebe took the time to teach us because I really learnt a lot. I am still learning and I LOVE to learn more.

Joey Khoo (7 years old) – cadet
I enjoyed the camp, listening bible stories, singing songs and doing things together with my friends and officers.

Phang Zi Xian (11 years old) – Junior
I enjoyed all the activities in GB especially doing things together like cooking and craft work with all of my friends.

Wong Chai Li (11 years old) – Junior
I enjoyed the fellowship and bible stories and I look forward to be in GB every week.

Charlie Tan (11 years old) – Junior
I learnt a lot from the bible stories, prayer and doing things together with my new friends.

Esther Ooi (12 years old) – Senior
I learnt a lot from the drill especially how to do drill properly. Drill camp and drill competition are the sense of accomplishment to me. I learnt about team work, discipline, getting to know and understanding with each others in a team.

testimonialYenQiLeong Yen Qi (15 years old) – Pioneer
Before I joined GB, I was a very playful girl. I didn’t do thing seriously and I’m not a responsible person. I don’t know anything about God as I’m not a Christian. I joined GB when I was 6 years old. I started to like GB and I started to learnt about God. I learn how to pray and know about God’s word. I started to believe in Christ, later I became a Christian. I learnt many things in GB. Things like how to be more responsible person and leadership. Now I am in Senior and going to be Pioneer this year 2014. I am still learning how to be a good leader in GB.

testimonialIrisIris Budiman (15 year old) – Pioneer
Before I came to Girls Brigade, I was a non-active girl in Church. I use to think going to Church and Sunday Schools will be enough. But after seeing those older “Jie Jie” in Sunday School, I admired them as they go to GB too. Later, my mum brought me to GB. During those times in GB, I didn’t really enjoyed GB because they asked us to pray one by one and also the Officers look fierce. But after getting to know them, they are friendly and I learnt many lessons. Thanks to the Officers who has guided me. During these four years of involvement in GB, though it is a short period but I learnt a lot. I am able to participate in many events, attending camps in Church and camps organized by GB. Thanks to GB as I learnt how to lead in a group and interact with people. Also I learnt self-discipline, build confidence to speak out and also I have grown stronger in my relationship and faith towards God.

testimonialAileenAileen Cheong (16 years old) – Pioneer
I’ve been in 1st KL GB ever since I was 4. Yes, 12 years. As a young cadet, I’ve always looked up to my seniors and admired their pretty badges and outgoing attitude. I would always tell myself, “I need to stay in GB because when I grow up, I want to be just like that YL Jie jie”. Every week in GB, my cadet officers would tell us about interesting bible stories and teach us some art and craft, which I still treasure and keep till this day. As I grew up to be a junior girl, I often had to face the dilemma of choosing between birthday parties and GB meetings. I really enjoyed GB meetings but at the same time, I didn’t want to miss out on all the fun and feel left out. Even so, I still chose GB over those parties and I am truly grateful that I did so. Because, through GB, I got to learn more and more about everything and at the same time, I never fail to enjoy myself with my GB friends. When I became a senior, I realized that GB isn’t all about fun and games, it’s also about responsibilities. I learnt howpictures to be a responsible senior, squad leader and a girl. I learnt that it is not easy planning activities for a big group of girls. Hence, I am grateful to all the YLs for taking good care of me when I was a kid. GB has helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in a huge crowd and it has taught me a lot of good values such as teamwork and discipline. Now I am a pioneer and a Young Leader. I am still learning how to be a better person, a better leader and a better Christian. I realized that as a school girl, I am able to do much more than my schoolmates because of my experience in GB.  Through GB, I have made good and accountable friends that I can rely on when I am in need of help. When I face a problem in my studies, my GB seniors has helped me out by tutoring me and having study groups outside of GB.  My officers have inspired me to be a good Christian as they never fail to pray for me when I need it. I know that I can always look to my officers when I am confused about my future or when I need advice. Every week, I look forward to Saturdays because I can’t wait for the next GB meeting.

536945_10200412254681506_731855214_n.lSarah Cheong (18 years old) – Pioneer
My name is Sarah Cheong and I am currently a Young Leader in 1st KL GB. I stand here to talk about how Girls’ Brigade has played a major role in my life. I joined GB in the year 2000. Yes, I have been a proud member of 1st KL GB for 12 years!
Ever since I was in primary school, whenever a friend invited me to go for an event held on a Saturday, I usually turned down their offer. My friend would then ask, “Aiyoh, why so busy??”  And I would always reply, “No, I have to attend my church activities.” Then they go, “I thought Church’s on Sunday?” And then the conversation becomes something like this…
“Oh! I go to GB, that’s why.”
“What’s GB??”
“Girls’ Brigade, it’s a youth group for girls.”
“Cannot skip one day meh?”
“No, because I enjoy going to GB!”
At a tender age, I was exposed to the stage through GB. I remembered when I was around the age of 6, 1st KL was caroling in Midvalley during the Christmas season. We performed on stage in our uniforms and the whole company participated. It encouraged me to overcome my fears of being on stage.
The longer I stayed in GB, the more I started to love it. I was given leadership roles and a chance to be able to polish my abilities and make full use of it. Through GB, I have learnt how to be a better leader and how to apply the skills that I have learnt to my daily life.
Then I discovered a love for drill. When you first start doing it, it will be hard. I was very proud and happy when our hard work paid off during a drill competition in 2010 where we emerge champion. Drill has taught me discipline and helped strengthen the cooperation between my friends and me. We now know that we must have teamwork in order to execute a sequence sharply.
Through GB, I have learnt many things and have been given many platforms to sharpen and maximize my potential. In 2010, 1st KL GB joined forces with 1st KL BB and organized a grand Christmas celebration for our companies. I was given the chance to be part of the planning committee and the experience has taught me many new things. Through it, I know it will be useful in the future.
Not only that, GB has also taught me various ways to express myself through the performing arts. For example, a mime dance in 2009, a fan dance in 2010, and 1st KL’s musical in 2011. It was an amazing experience.
Camps are also organized to strengthen the bond between the girls and officers, and also to learn more about God and GB. Every year we have our company camp. Besides company camps, we also have leadership training camps. These camps help to train girls to be a better leader and teach them the basic values a girl should know when becoming a leader.
Through the weekly achievement program, I achieve my awards following the 4 square programs, which consists of Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Social. This has equipped me in many ways.
1st KL GB welcomes girls from the age of 6 to 18.  We meet at the Wesley Legacy Center Level 1 every Saturday at 2.15pm and ends at 6pm. I hope what I have shared will encourage parents to send your girls and give GB a try. Seriously, you won’t regret it! Thank you.

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