1st KL BB and GB F&F Camp

Contributed by: YL Lee Yen1426616_514043148691193_943693246_n

F&F camp was a very special camp because it was specifically a camp for fun and fellowship between BB & GB – which we haven’t had before. It was full of activities that stimulated your creativity, intellectuality and also your physical self.  There were also some activities that had many lessons to learn from.


On the first day, we were split into groups of about 6-7 members. We had welcome activities such as ice breaker, name tag making, and making a group music video. It was definitely challenging, especially as a group leader, to coordinate everyone and to get everyone to work together because I was quite unfamiliar with the BB members in my group. However, with a little courage, I tried my best to get the members comfortable with me and encouraged them to contribute some ideas too.


On the second day, we went to Skytrex. Going to Skytrex was probably the highlight of the whole camp for most people. I haven’t been there before but I have done flying fox many times in other places. However, Skytrex flying fox was probably the highest I’ve ever tried. It was really fun and I could see that everyone enjoyed themselves even though it was really tiring.

The third day was the fun-and-relax day. We had our anticipated Talent Night where each group randomly picks a song, theme and character to be placed in a skit. It would be challenging and funny because the three things would usually not match – so that would be left to our own creativity. For example, there was a group with the combination of P1240272Gangnam Style, horror and Barbie – so how do we relate these three aspects in one skit? And as expected, there was a lot of laughter as different groups presented their odd,

On the last day, we had our games time which had a combination of station games, treasure hunt and parachute making. Groups would compete with another group at different station games to win some materials. After that there would be a treasure hunt where groups would obtain more materials. All these materials would be used to make their parachute and also to help them retrieve points. Each group is given 2 eggs and they would need to make a parachute for the eggs that would later be thrown down from the second floor. creative and funny plots.

1455094_514032898692218_585151322_n-300x225As a participant, I think this camp was quite fun and was a great opportunity for me to get to know more members of our brother company. As the years passed we realised that many members have changed and that there were so many unfamiliar faces, so the camp was a stepping stone to getting to know more of them. I also learnt a lot about handling my team members of different ages – both boys and girls.


The activities included were definitely working us physically, mentally and spiritually. Activities such as the Skytrex and games were physical, while sessions like Talent Night and some indoor games were mental. We had daily morning devotions, sharing and worship which were spiritual.


As one of the organisers,  I thought it was quite hard and mentally demanding to organise the games day because it was my first time planning games for so many participants, both girls and boys and of different ages. It was challenging mainly because there were so many restrictions due to gender and age differences and so many things needed to be considered such as safety and what they can learn from the different games

Also, we had to organise the sessions alongside BB. Not all of us are very close to each other so opening up was a small obstacle. There were many ups and downs and last minute things that had to be done which made it quite stressful too. But hey, without mistakes, there would be fewer lessons learnt and I think it was a good start and experience to prepare us for our upcoming combined 60th anniversary. Besides that, it was also amazing seeing some girls slightly younger than me taking leadership roles in their groups and also learning how to be better leaders.

              Overall, I believe this camp has made, not only me, but many others learn valuable skills and experiences which will be useful in the future. Of course there was also a lot of fun included in this camp too. I think this camp had a great balance of everything.

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