Go Shine: 60 Years in Ministry


The inspiration for our Anniversary Logo came from Isaiah 60:1

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

Isaiah 60:1 picks up the story of God’s people who, after a long struggle and severe opposition from surrounding peoples, were finally returned to their homeland. The returned exiles faced severe problems and were struggling to see whether God was still with them. In chapter 60, God speaks through prophet Isaiah and renews the promises of a new day for His people. He assures the people that God has not forgotten them and that their mission as a light to the world has not changed. The new events transpiring mark the beginning of God’s new day for His people.

In the same way, times may have changed for the Brigades. The advent of a post-modern, millennial and digital generation has challenged many to wonder if uniformed youth organizations like the BB and GB are still relevant today.

But like God’s message to His people through Isaiah, we are reminded that God has not forgotten the mission He has called us to. He remains the anchor of our souls, both sure and steadfast and He is still the light we seek, serve and follow. His call to us to change and impact young people – molding their character, preparing them as tomorrow’s leaders, and providing a safe environment to form healthy, lifelong friendships – has not changed.

After 60 years of doing this, we are emboldened to go forth for another 60 years – marking a new era for the 1st KL Boys and Girls Brigade Companies.

We will take Christ and the training of the Brigade in our lives… and go shine.

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