Words from the Junior Drill Team 2014

The girls recently participated in the Selangor Federal Territory competition and managed to retain the title of Champions! We gathered them all and asked them to share their experiences with us. These girls are just 9 to 11 years of age and they write so well! We find their sharing simple and refreshing. Read on to have an insight on what we are going on about.


Drill Competition 2014




1st Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade won the Champion title in the recent Drill Competition which was held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Methodist Petaling Jaya on 5th of July 2014. I was a part of the team and I am very proud and happy of this achievement. I would like to thank all the officers for their guidance. I am very grateful for the parents who cooked for us during our drill camps. I would also like to thank my parents who patiently waited for me during all my practices before the competition. Most importantly, I thank God for his protection and blessings upon us. Praise the Lord! – Jr. Adele Yap

Being a part of the 1st Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade chai li.1drill team, we went through many good and tiring times. I disliked drill when I was young because we had to stand under the hot sun and that will cause us to sweat a lot. Fortunately, I have found myself starting to like drill after I joined the drill team. I was able to learn many new and exciting things through drill such as teamwork, discipline and many others. Every weekend, we trained diligently under the care of our officers at the basketball court.  On the competition day, I was nervous. Before the competition, the Young Leaders prayed to God with us. In the end we managed to win the drill competition. I want to thank my officers for their time and effort. Not to forget my parents, who continuously sent me for drill practices. – Jr. Wong Chai Li

chloeMy drill team and I practiced every weekend but I still got nervous because I could not do drill as well as the others. I’m very grateful for Miss Shana, my team members and not to forget God for guiding me until I managed to get the drill steps right. On the competition day, all of us were very nervous and we gathered around and prayed to God. When the results were announced, stating that we got first place I was really happy because all of our hard work attending practices on weekends and the drill camp were worth it. – Jr. Chloe Soon


I was so happy that I can participate in this drill competition for the second time. My team mates and I cooperated together as a team to improved our drill skills. We had a hard time during the practise. From this competition, I have learnt that we must have teamwork so that we can drill as a team. I also learn to have self control. After all our efforts, it paid off on that day of the competition. We were the champions! I’m glad to be in the team and that we improved a alot in our drill. Thank you to the officers that trained us every Saturday and Sunday, for without them we wouldn’t be the champions. – Jr. Pang Yee Shan

khyli.1I am Teh Khy Li from 1st KL Girls’ Brigade. 10 of us participated in the competition. My mother had to sacrifice her many Sunday afternoons to send me for the practices. The training was at times difficult especially under the hot sun. My grandmother mentioned that I looked so tanned as if I’ve gone to the beach for a long time. Looking back, the hard work and training were all worth it. The competition was a very good experience. I was so excited meeting girls form other GB companies. My father travelled back from Singapore to watch me at the competition. I was so thrilled and happy when the results were announced that we were the champion team. I encourage my sister, Shr Li to participate in the competition next year when she is a Junior. Thank you to our Captain, Ms Felicia and officer, Ms Shana. – Jr. Teh Khy Li

When I started attending GB, I learn to do drill. It is reginedifficult and it needs a lot of practices. I remember a few months back when I decided to join the drill competition. I was excited! My friends and I practiced every Saturday and Sunday without fail. We sweat a lot because it was really hot. After so many practices, the day came and I felt nervous. When it was over, I felt more relaxed. When the officer was about to announce the results, everyone was quiet but hopeful.”First placing goes to 1st KL Junior Team!” We were so happy and all of us cheered as we went up to the stage to receive our trophies. It was such an awesome experience for me and I thank God for making it possible. – Jr. Regine Tan

celesteI joined the Junior Drill Competition last year, and we were the champions then. This year, I did not have high hopes for the drill competition because we did not have enough members to form a drill team. However, I tried my best as the commander to help my team members to improve their drill. We went for a couple of drill camps to polish our skill. Besides, we had a lot fun during all the practices we had in the camp. Every Saturday after GB meeting, we had half an hour practice. On top of that, we also had practices under the sun every Sunday afternoon. On the day of competition, we woke up early and went to Wesley Methodist Church. Wceleste.1e braided our hair and we had few more practices before the competition. At 12.00 noon, we went to Trinity church at Petaling Jaya by bus. As the drill competition was about to begin, the host call upon the drill commanders from the respective company to draw lots. 1st Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade Junior Drill team was the first team to perform in the competition. We were all nervous and we pray to God to give us strength and wisdom. We tried our best and I also tried my very best to project my voice as much as possible as I commanded the team. We were really united and it went on smoothly. I am proud and glad that we won first place this year again. – Jr. Celeste Chew, Commander




Thanks for reading! Aren’t their thoughts simply lovely? Stay tune as the older girls share about their experience.

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  1. I am very happy & proud of my Juniors did so well…….
    Quite nervous when 1st KL was the 1st team to performed.
    Not only that….but seeing even the new ones come forward to participate,
    especially, for our Junior Commander (Celeste) did improved on her commanding by remembering the commands & also wanted so much to be as a commander when all the “Big Jie Jie” not around to take over the Roll call.

    Keep up the good & team works……my dear Juniors.
    I hope this article from Juniors may able to go to the Wesley Tidings.
    Is a very encouraging words & uplifted everyone on Drill now.
    Junior Officer,
    Eunice Yeo

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